Know Your PAN Number

I forgot my PAN Number. Can you help me find my PAN Number using my name and address?

PAN Number is confidential. You must know your PAN Number allotted to you by Income Tax Department of India. Call international NRI customer care for options.

Can a person have more than one PAN Number?

No. A person is allowed to have only one PAN Number allotted. If you have more than one PAN Number, you are required to surrender them.

How do I update to new address on my existing PAN Card?

Please apply here to update your current address and also re-print a duplicate PAN Card.

Lost my old PAN Card. How do I get a new one?

You need to apply for re-print of your PAN Card by quoting the PAN Number of your lost card.

During re-issue of lost / damaged PAN Card, Can I also request to update address / photo / e-mail?

Yes. Together in one application form - you may request to print a duplicate PAN Card and also ask for change in other details.

I am a foreign Citizen now. I had a PAN Number earlier when I was an Indian Citizen. Do I need to apply another new PAN Number?

No. You must use the same PAN Number allotted to you when you were an Indian Citizen.

Apply for re-print of a duplicate PAN Card quoting the same PAN Number. You may have changed citizenship, but your PAN Number remains same.