PAN Card for NRI and Foreign Company

As an NRI living outside of India, how to apply for PAN Card?

NRI living in an overseas country outside India can apply PAN Card online. Individuals of any nationality and Business Firms registered overseas are eligible to get PAN Card from India.

Applicants must fill up the online application form for New PAN Card or Re-print duplicate PAN Card.

Will PAN Card be delivered to countries outside of India?

Yes. Once the application form is successfully processed, the applicant shall receive PAN Card at the overseas address - as per proof of address.

What is the processing time of PAN Card for NRI?

After the applicant completes an online application form and pays the fees, the following are subsequent steps:

  • Step 1: For the preliminary validation, applicants may send supporting documents by email with proof of ID and proof of address. This step will help to avoid rework later – if any errors in the application form.
  • Step 2: Once documents are confirmed to be in order, the applicant will be requested to print the application form, paste photo, sign, and send paperwork by courier/registered post to Chennai address.
  • Step 3: The applicant shall receive an NSDL acknowledgment number / UTIITSL tracking coupon number to monitor PAN Status online.
  • Step 4: For most applicants, PAN Number is allotted and available online in 5 to 10 working days (indicative). Within two days of allotment, the applicant will receive ePAN card by E-mail.
  • Step 5: Physical PAN Card will be printed in plastic and dispatched by registered post/courier. This step takes about another two weeks after allotment.

What is ePAN Card?

ePAN Card is delivered by E-Mail to applicants. Banks in India accept ePAN Card for NRI Accounts. ePAN Card is a digital copy of the actual PAN Card. It has a photo of the applicant, name, and PAN Number on it.

How do NRI applicants track status of PAN Application?

Applicants receive frequent updates of the status of application form through-out important milestones of processing.

  • Once the applicant's paperwork reaches Chennai, the applicant receives an automatic acknowledgment by E-mail on the same day.
  • On the next business day, the applicant shall receive a UTIITSL coupon number or NSDL Acknowledgment number. Applicants may use this number to track the status of their application form online.
  • Income Tax Department of India will allot PAN Number to the applicant. Pan Card Express will notify applicants immediately upon allotment.
Additionaly, applicant may write to to find out latest status of PAN Application.