DSC Digital Signature Certificate for NRI and Foreign Company

Can NRI, Foreign Citizens, or Foreign Company buy India's DSC?

Yes - DSC can be bought online by NRI, Foreign Citizens, and Foreign Companies. DSC are used at multiple websites that involves establishing your identity during a transaction in India.

For example, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (India), DGFT, Trade Marks, & Patents, Bidding for Tenders from Government of India - they all need DSC issued by a licensed Certifying Authority.

Buy your DSC from dscexpress.com or dscsignature.com

Do I need a DSC to e-file my Income Tax returns on https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/ ?

Digital Signature can be used to sign e-filing of Income Tax Returns in India. Foreign Individuals and Foreign organizations can download DSC online using paper-less steps.

Where can I buy a DSC?

Applicants may buy DSC Online at dscexpress.com or dscsignature.com - authorised partners that sells DSC from certifying authorities - eMudhra and Capricorn ID.

Buy DSC after getting PAN Number?

It is recommended to obtain PAN Number first. After receiving PAN Number, buy Digital Signature and download it online.